NANOENERGY LETTERS n. 5 - February 1, 2013

Dear colleague,

I am glad to announce the fifth issue of NANOENERGY LETTERS.

This newsletter has been created since January 2011 within the research project NANOPOWER and within the coordination action ZEROPOWER (both funded by European Commission, under the FET proactive initiative "Toward Zero-Power ICT" (2zeroP)).
The aim is to help the circulation of news and thoughts about micro and nano energies, with the ambition to make it a useful instrument to discuss about these energies, about their role and potential applications together with the physical foundations of this discipline.
Most importantly, NANOENERGY LETTERS is open to the contribution of all the interested readers and is specially aimed at reaching those readers involved in industry and innovative SMEs as an humble attempt to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry.
Starting from this issue NANOENERGY LETTERS receives contribution from the EU research project LANDAUER (FET proactive initiative "Minimising Energy Consumption of Computing to the Limit" (MINECC)).
A specific section is devoted to contributed scientific articles that present original research results.

Please download the newsletter here:

Some of the topics in this issue

- NANOENERGY2013: An international scientific conference on advances in the field (Perugia, 10-13 July 2013)

- MINECC: The seven projects funded under the FET Proactive call MINECC.

- FET FLAGSHIP: The European Commission has selected the pilots that will drive the two flagship projects in FET.

- Scientific papers: The new section of NANOENERGY LETTERS devoted to contributed manuscripts.


Luca Gammaitoni
on behalf of the Editorial Board

c/o NiPS Laboratory, Dipartimento di Fisica
Università degli Studi di Perugia
Via A. Pascoli, 1 - I - 06123 - Perugia (Italy)